We believe a valuable commodity-based monetary system is the foundation of any free market, and fair exchanges cannot take place without an equal exchange of value.  However, we also know economically speaking, “money”, as a medium of exchange is to facilitate the buying and selling of goods and services whereas the legal definition is altogether different …. the payment of debt.  No debt or usury is allowed in the Kingdom of God.

Introducing the iCovest Initiative and the iCovest Market … the first forum, and world’s only venue, for exchange of goods and services in real “lawful money” in exchange for goods and services: 0.999 fine silver (not dollars or any other legal tender currency for the payment of, and/or discharge of debt).  All transfers and exchanges are credited or debited to the hundredth of an ounce of 0.999 fine silver.

One of our goals is to help educate our community of the perils of debt-based fiat currency and fractional banking.  As such, and regardless of where you shop for good and services, we strongly suggest that you trade or exchange in lawful money, so long as you can attest to the purity of the coins circulated.

When you choose the iCovest Market, you directly support our ability to take back control of our economic future … value for value!  However, what matters more than the cause you choose to support, is that you choose to become independent of the fiat paper system by converting to our silver system and compelling value propositions of the iCovest Initiative today.


The iCovest Market does not engage in commerce for the “sale” of merchandise, products or services.  Instead, we trust God to provide for our subsistence according to His purpose and plan, and therefore, we suggest a “minimum offering” as a charitable contribution, only at the point of exchange, setting a minimum expectation of what we refer to as, “Guidelines of Good Living”, lest we sell ourselves short of the true potential of the iCovest Initiative.  By engaging with one or more iCovest Market Services, you voluntarily warrant and represent to “love your neighbor” with a mutual understanding and agreement to honor God and one another in meeting or exceeding suggested thresholds, as published herein.

Currency Standard

Our standard unit of account is one (1) ounce of 0.999 fine silver (One Ounce Silver Government Minted Legal Tender Coin).

In the non-banking, non-commercial, economic system of the private iCovest Market, value is redeemed in real-time (spot price) to an easy to monetize commodity (silver) as opposed to government-issued, controlled, inflated and deflated fiat currencies.  In other words, for example, all conventional transactions elsewhere listed in USD are otherwise identified, transferred, listed, exchanged, assigned and recorded in 0.999 fine silver, rounded to the hundredth of an ounce.

Example: In a typical store, all products listed for sale are represented in USD, $20.00 for example.  In stark contrast with the iCovest Market, the same item, assuming the spot price of silver was $20.00, would be listed as $1.00 (Representing  the fractional value extracted from One Ounce Silver Minted Legal Tender Coin).

Important Note: With such a redemptive silver system, how do suppose an SBM would report revenue, compensate employees, and/or calculate an income tax?  We pray you have eyes to see …

Charitable Contributions; Third-Party Fees

The iCovest Market functions on the honor system (a.k.a. “honest money”).  Therefore, the iCovest Market does not accept fiat currency.  Only lawful money is accepted for circulation in the iCovest Market.  Other forms of “legal tender” must first be redeemed (converted) from your national currency (legal tender) to 0.999 fine silver before an exchange of values can take place.

Simply enroll for member status (either a PCM and/or an SBM) and shop around as you would otherwise ordinarily do.  Nothing else has changed … only the medium of exchange (money is no longer a payment or discharge of debt, but rather an exchange of value for value).

  • PCM Membership: One time account set-up package offering the approximate value of one-quarter (¼) ounce to get started, and a scheduled (re-occurring) offering of another one-quarter (¼) ounce per month, or an annual charitable offering of three (3) coins, as the case may be.
  • SBM Membership: Annual account set-up and maintenance package offering the approximate value of six (6) ounces (6 ASE coins) to get started, or a scheduled (recurring) offering of two (2) ounces (2 coins) per month, as the case may be.
  • iCovest IVA CoVestment & Silver Acquisition; Exchange:  First Fruits offering includes a variable shared expense ranging between 18.5% to 225%above the current spot price of silver pursuant to the market value of government minted premiums and current administrative costs to preserve the corpus of the Trust.
    • Please also refer to CQR Vault / iCovest Shared Expense Master Schedule
  • SBM Listing; Exchange: There are no fees for setting up an account or listing products or services available for exchange. It is well understood however, charitable contributions of ten percent (10%) of the value exchange are offered up as a minimum, to support and sustain the iCovest Integrated Auxiliary F.B.O.’s  (SBM amounts otherwise payable to cover third-party marketing, advertising, sales and other Cost of Goods Sold).
  • Other: Third-party fees may be incurred through the use of the Services (e.g. gift wrapping, transportation logistics, international import/export tariffs, etc.).  Any such fees will be disclosed in advance and approved by you prior to the exchange.

Redemption; Value Exchange

All iCovest member accounts are liquid, meaning they can be opened, established, redeemed, exchanged, assigned, withdrawn, or distributed at any time, on demand to a qualified recipient.

Important Note:  All accounting is in terms of ounces of minted Silver as described herein.  While the “dollar” value of silver may fluctuate, the number of ounces do not.  If you so choose, it is your responsibility to manage the conversion from lawful money of the iCovest Market to another denomination of legal tender.

Rights of Assignment / Strategic Philanthropy

iCovest bona fide Member participants reserve the right of assignment to direct any portion of value exchange benefits to one or more of their strategic philanthropy initiatives.

1-ounce (oz.) Silver American Eagle: A sovereign coin backed by the U.S. government (a.k.a. “legal tender” and constitutes redemptive “lawful money”); Contains 1 oz. of 0.999 fine Silver; Multiples of 20 are packaged in mint tubes.  Multiples of 500 are packaged in “Monster Boxes.”  All other coins are in protective plastic and are eligible for self-directed Precious Metals IRAs.