Your commitment of $89.00 today qualifies you for a promotional annual contribution (a value >$400) thereby establishing agreement with to waive your recurring monthly commitment of $35.00 granted unto the first 100 Small Business Members (hereinafter, “SBMs”) who have committed to their first year through the iCovest SBM Subscription Page.  Generally, your contribution commitment would be reduced by 2 months for charitable giving commitment to an annual subscription vs. monthly. (CLICK HERE) reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time, but will honor its commitments made to any ascribed members of the iCovest Marketplace community “grandfathered-in” until such termination point by iCovest , or SBM, as the case may be (SBMs hold the right to cancel their membership subscription at any time). reserves the right to refuse approval of any SBM and/or Covestment Listing pursuant to the REGISTERED MEMBER (PCM’s & SBM’s) PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT.  (CLICK HERE)

Your promotional contribution (and pursuant to recurring monthly membership remittance) is made in the redemption of United States Dollars (USD) for an equivalent amount of 0.999 fine silver to be placed in the iCovest Communal Treasury as a seed sown (as a charitable contribution) toward supporting the iCovest Group.

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