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Our Vision

To lead a charge in The Greatest Economic Shift!
iCovest is poised to lead the charge in securing our member’s futures
by harnessing the power of $45 Trillion in wealth about to change
hands, and back it with U.S. Treasury Minted Silver!

Our Mission

To make residual Cash Flow Vehicles accessible!
We aim to bring about Financial Independence to more families than any other organization in
history!  We are totally committed to helping people develop their communities by means of
controlling debt, protecting the value of your savings, and collectively generating tremendous
wealth that you will individually benefit from.

Our System

The vehicle that will allow us to achieve our Vision and Mission
is the ICO Vesting Account empowered by our all encompassing
Infinite Cash Flow Management System.


iCovest not only educates our communities with a level of financial strategy that would rival the
top-echelon of societal wealth managers, but we also provide fin-tech solutions that give our
members a proven, predictable turnkey plan for building residual cash flows.  iCovest tools are
designed to catalyze and support your organic  wealth generating vehicles, which in turn benefits
all of our communities involved!

Welcome to the “Toll-Free Road”