COMMIT 21 SILVER COINS (ASEs) or more to open your ICO Vesting Account (“IVA”) today!

Your commitment today will automatically record an IVA Transaction Report (ITR) pursuant to the amount of silver you choose to deposit into your ICO Vesting Account.  The value of your IVA shall be represented in the form of Intentional Community Opportunity units, or what we here at iCovest love to call … ICOs!

When you choose to CoVest into your IVA, USD may be lawfully remitted and redeemed for 1oz Silver in the form of government minted American Silver Eagles,  British Britannias, or Australian Kangaroos, lawfully exchanged under Title 12 U.S. Code, Section 411 at SPOT+ pursuant to the Daily Fixing of 1oz. silver.  These coins are then deposited and recorded to your IVA ledger.  This collateral value will be reflected in the lawful measurement of ICO’s as a currency of our Ecclesiastical economy, and may be used in whole or in fraction for the exchange of goods and services exclusively listed here online, and/or between members of our authorized FBOs domiciled in sovereign state.



IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is NOT A SECURITY OFFERING for INVESTMENT or COMMERCIALLY REGULATED FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT.  Your transaction is a CoVestment (Cooperative Vesting Endowment to Ecclesiastical Integrated Auxiliary Trust), and is pursuant to ALL Terms of the Policies and Agreements of your Relationship & Royalty Sharing Covenant.



ICO Vesting Account CoVestment Policy & Vesting Period

Relationship & Royalty Sharing Covenant

ICO Vesting Account Disclaimer & Indemnity Agreement

Then you must REGISTER YOUR IVA before you are eligible for Vesting Royalties & Rewards.