GRAIN HOUSE INITIATIVE – Community Stabilization Fund

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Community Stabilization Fund

This is NOT a personal acquisition of American Silver Eagles…

Your remittance CoVested today does NOT CONSTITUTE A PERSONAL ACQUISITION of silver…rather it is your “Grain” offering (of American Silver Eagles) in charitable commitment to your iCovest Community Stabilization Fund (CSF) (metaphorically, “The Grain House“).  All capitals CoVested to the iCovest CSF will be leveraged and capitally enhanced in order to establish a perpetual source of fiscal empowerment for a diverse strategic application toward your community’s immediate needs, both domestically where you are at, and abroad!

However, we can only achieved this together through the strategic application of an economic growth strategy designed to employ our existing “Organic Community” of human resources.  The principal assets of the iCovest CSF are actively managed by your designated iCovest Committee Members, which shall be comprised of representatives appointed from your qualified local community Leadership.  The number of American Silver Eagle coins you CoVest today will be recognized and registered concerning both personal and sponsoring assembly recorded contributions.   All charitably CoVested contributions are collectively held on deposit in a segregated iCovest Vault, and accredited to the iCovest Community Stabilization Fund.  The record of your individual contributions will be honored as a reflection of your personal and sponsoring assembly’s contribution to our international organic community, and used in perpetuity to empower all participating local communities.

It is important remember…that for every coin contributed to the iCovest CSF through this “Grain House Initiative” listing, you will be assigned one registered entry to be recorded in the registered CoVestor’s name at transaction settlement, and added to the Liberty Stewardship Award drawing pool to be selected randomly every time the iCovest CSF reaches a milestone achievement of 1,000,000 coins CoVested and deposited!

REMEMBER:  “CoVesting” is not like “Donating,”  because when you CoVest, your charitable contributions will NEVER be depleted…but rather, your iCovest Committee is tasked to leverage and capitally enhance the intrinsic value of our iCovest CSF’s collective asset base.  This is so that as an organic community of like minded people, we can seek to fiscally empower the principal asset base to become a perpetual resource of financial provision further applied toward maintaining the economic sustainability for ALL of our participating communities, their businesses, and ultimately YOUR FAMILY…both domestically and internationally!



  • The Honor Economy of the iCovest Community has collectively gathered over 51,955+ American Silver Eagle Coins (the “Grain”) into the iCovest Community Stabilization Fund (the “Grain House”) since we launched the Grain House Initiative on September 14, 2016.  These assets are to be further leveraged and engaged in the fiscal growth toward a long term economic sustainability for your community through this “Grain House Initiative”
  • Now the excitement of “Community Growth” can be empowered by an international organisation of like minded people, bearing both entrepreneurial hearts, and a firm understanding concerning the power of organic exchange,  This, while committed to working together in one accord with a fervent gusto to economically thrive, even during the challenging economy we are forced to compete in today!
  • In operating under a proven structure similar to that of a Group Purchase Organization, people who are willing to collectively participate in filling the “Grain House” , with the “Grain” of today (Government Legal Tender Silver Coins), we can see how a collective commitment to CoVest at least one ICO per family, per month would certainly establish a sustainable economic base.  This collateral asset base will be used to springboard an international collaborative business development & financial group, built upon an organic international network of small business vehicles, and coupled with the active consumption of your participating local community, and further inorganic international consumption.  These activities equal…equitable and sustainable community development!


  • While most donation programs routinely consume their charitable contributions almost as expeditiously as they are gathered for purpose, the American Silver Eagles you CoVest today will NEVER BE DEPLETED, rather, they will be PERPETUALLY INCREASED through proven capital enhancement strategies, under an Infinite Cash Flow Management System so as to become a continual provision of capital resources for strategic distribution throughout your local communities and other active participants throughout the world abroad!
  • The iCovest CSF will NEVER be depleted as we seek to continually provide a capital infusion toward increasing NEW PRODUCTIVITY sources established upon active entrepreneurial individuals within the iCovest community, thereby continually forging new prosperous Small Businesses that can stimulate the gross domestic production of all participating communities world wide!

One Coin, Makes A World Of Difference
…CoVest in your iCovest Community Stabilization Fund Today!!!



Government Treasury Minted 1oz 0.999% Fine Silver Coins – Silver, minted by the U.S. Treasury & Perth Mints.  This Bullion Coin comes in a 1oz. denomination.  American Silver Eagles are struck with a $1 face value.  Weight is listed as 31.103 grams; with a composition of .999 pure silver.   This coin has a Diameter of 40.6 mm with a reeded edge.  They are minted in San Francisco, Philadelphia and West Point.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Multiples of 20 are packaged in mint tubes. Multiples of 500 are packaged in “Monster Boxes.”
    All other coins will be in protective plastic.
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs.
  • Sovereign coin backed by the government of issue. (Legal Tender)

The Government Mints do not sell bullion coins directly to the public.  Instead, they distribute their coins to only a handful of authorized dealers.  Make a contribution and help us fill the iCovest “Grain House” today by adding 1 oz Legal Tender Silver to your Community!

Remember, that with every contribution made in remittance with a Silver Coin, your gift is applied to the collective value held on ledger in the iCovest Community Stabilization Fund.  This communal treasury will then be capitally enhanced to assist your cash flow by perpetually providing an economic resource for you organized locally through your Sponsoring Assemblies, communities and other participants who are involved worldwide!

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