Dr. Tammy Mason has chosen to covest because she deeply cares about others. Tammy is extremely passionate about educational causes, effectively leadingothers by modeling servant leadership, and assisting her community network of supporters to become their best self.

As a 31-year veteran in the public education sector, as well as at the Christian/private level, Dr. Mason’s entire life’s work has revolved around serving and helping others. An experienced organizational leader, she has successfully established and/or restructured several high poverty public schools, at all levels, transforming them into productive, well-performing organizations while maintaining a thriving culture and positive work climate.

Tammy is highly skilled in providing professional training and development for staff/constituents, adept at providing techniques that promote positive relationship-building in the workplace and in life, and creating manuals and documents that establish protocols and put practices in place to govern how an organization is to operate.

Credited with successfully opening the first Pre-K school / center in her district after a long, difficult process of school consolidations and closings, Tammy has also been able to turn around and bring improvement in three other schools as a principal and director.

In 2017, Tammy was recruited as a college professor in the School of Education at Emmanuel College to work specifically with college seniors/education majors who are preparing to do their student teaching. As a part of her community, she is actively involved with founding and leading “Women of Destiny” (WOD), a Christian women’s support group on the college campus. Tammy is constantly seeking out new opportunities and ways to support and give back to her community. She loves being a blessing to others and the rewarding feeling it brings to be able to powerfully impact and make a difference in someone else’s life on a daily basis. Being able to covest allows her the freedom to continue doing that.