Have you ever heard that there is a greater blessing with giving than receiving?  However, in stark contrast to what seems to be excellent advice, have you ever asked yourself why the government and regulatory agencies impose limits and penalties to giving and/or investing for exceeding allowable thresholds?  If it’s so good to give, instead of living paycheck to paycheck up to our eyeballs in debt, why then don’t we do more of it without limits or bounds?  Is the status quo of financial options available to you as good as it gets?  We think not.  If you are a truth seeker and financial freedom is of high value to you, and for the right reasons, please read on.  We’ve got something special for you far beyond the mediocre advice of your current advisers in whatever financial strata you are coming from.

As a long-standing integral aspect to my personal and professional career development, I’m so glad to see how social impact has become much more than just a passing fad or business strategy born out of Gen-X demographic to create for-benefit organizations now driven by the Millennial generation.  Social impact has become a way of life and a way of being in the world, but not of it, transcending the pursuit of success to something much more intangible beyond the regulatory realm … dignity and significance.

Fortunately, those of the old guard are starting to pay attention as they too are growing older thinking about their succession confronted with their mortality while beginning to question of themselves, “How do a I want to be remembered?”  Such a movement has undeniably changed the way corporations now do business and continues to influence startup culture.  Even the universities are catching on beginning to offer curriculum to capitalize on the movement.  Good idea, albeit not all of it is good in any “me-too” movement … playing catch-up is rarely a winning strategy.  And, unfortunately, not everyone in power, or by proxy, has the best interests of their constituents in mind.

Fortunately, we’ve got an app for that … we call it an ICO Vesting Account (IVA), a private covenant (not a contract) of relationship and responsibility to steward silver well in a physical world, while operating and accounting in a digital crypto-economy.  However, unlike traditional self-directed programs where you are left out on your own, we choose to do it in an intentional cooperative creative commons community (interdependent) format.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, Google it in order to learn more about this fourth sector concept.  I’m sure you’ll be refreshed with what you see and learn.

Collectively, what makes us qualified?  Quite simply, we walk the talk … we prefer the toll-free road.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been following our endeavors for some time now, you should notice the IVA picks up where we left off with our Grain House Initiative adopted after the popular “Get One, Give One” (GOGO) model of the mid-90s, institutionalizing a term we refer to as Strategic Philanthropy.

The IVA is perhaps the capstone design of all my years of service as a specialist of self-directed alternative investments and philanthropy.  Why, you might ask?  Perhaps because of where I am now myself in the second half-time of life, this I know … the IVA allows you to do what no other investment or charitable strategy can do, in large part, because it is not either of the two.  Like chocolate and peanut butter coming together to make something new and tasty, the IVA satisfies the program (PRI) and mission-related investment (MRI) criteria among other unique features and benefits … a private, special purpose philanthropy instrument intentionally designed to appeal to those that have a strong desire for “doing well by doing good” with no jurisdictional limits or bounds (other than your imagination).

With our relationship development process, we ask the better questions of not the what, or how you make money, but the why.  Beginning with the end in mind, we can now chart a course from wherever you are today to wherever you want to go.  Contrary to other investments and opportunities laden with the risks of the unknown, there is no risk in making your dreams come true.  The only risk is if you don’t … what then?

So, you see, the IVA isn’t really the answer you’ve been looking for, but rather a door.  It’s just the beginning.  The rest, in terms of the what, where, how fast, and how far you go, is entirely up to you.  Before you today is the classic choice of the red pill or the blue pill.  Choose well.  We’re here to help whenever you’re ready to get started on the road less traveled.  Inquire within … we look forward to meeting you on the other side.