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iCovest is revolutionizing retirement by redefining private equity as a function of cash flow! We've designed our platform to empower members with sound money. Coupled with residual cash flow vehicles, iCovest features secure cross-border digital fungibility with convertibility. Our mobile app provides immediate authentication in transaction, with globally transparent accountancy...and without costly intermediary fees! Simply put, your ICO Vesting Account holds SOUND MONEY with REAL INTRINSIC VALUE!




Get Started On Your Road to Financial Freedom!

Your Liberty-Bridge to the Toll-Free Road is Just Around the Bend!
ICO Vesting Account

1. Open your IVA

Open your IVA with a Minimum CoVestment of
21 Govt. Treasury Minted Silver Coins (21 ICO Ag)
or 1 Treasury Minted Gold Coin (1 ICO Au).
Our non-custodial IVA Mobile App prevents
anyone but you from accessing your daily ICO
Balance, CoVestments & Performance Ratings.

ICO Digital Wallet

2. CoVest in your IVA

Redeem Legal Tender Currency for
Real Money with Real Intrinsic Value!
Direct the Value of Your IVA by Assigning ICOs!
Store, Receive and Send ICOs Securely
P2P & P2B with Your iCovest Mobile App.
Leverage IVA to Generate Cash Flows!


3. iCovest Today!

iCovest Redefines Your Private Equity
as a Function of Residual Cash Flow.
Intentional Community Opportunities (“ICOs”)
& Cooperative Procurement Opportunities
(“CPOs”) Bring Fungibility & Liquidity to the
Value of Silver & Gold Held in Your IVA.


Financial independence is the ability to live on the residual cash flow generated from leveraged assets.


iCovest is Fungibility & Liquidity coupled with Physical & Jurisdictional Security for Silver held by your IVA.


Give or Exchange Anonymously to your favorite Small Businesses, Charitable & Philanthropic Causes.

iCovest Mobile App

Instant Exchange

Securely exchange ICO Ag/Au for Goods & Services w/real-time ledger accountancy right in your hand!

Live Transaction

Monitor all global transactions & IVA silver holdings in real time.  Privately see your Community Impact Rating.

Build Platform

Easy to Use Graphic Interface!
Easy to Send Money with Real Value!
Easy to CoVest with iCovest!


Our anticipated Distributed Ledger offers ADVANCED FIN-TECH for transparent accountancy in real-time application.  In addition to our online and air-gaped ICO ledger, we are set to establish the next generation NEAR FIELD TECHNOLOGY which will ensure the most accurate data integrated recordation originating from each and every iCovesting community around the world, domestic and abroad!


Instant Real-Time Access to Your
IVA & CoVestment Portfolio


CPO Silver Syndications that Offer
Customized Residual Cash Flows!


Leverage Your IVA and Put Your ICO to Work for You!


Built Securely on an Encrypted
Mobile Android OS Platform.

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iCovest Attracts Leaders With Vision

Learn More About Real Lives Who Are Impacting Real Communities!


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Cooperative Opportunities

iCovest in a Revolution that is redefining
Private Equity as a Function of Cash Flow

iCovest is a Digital Exchange MobileApp for accessing your ICO Vesting Account!

BIUs in Circulation:  8,750

Open IVA:  $1155.00 (21.000 ICO Ag)

Open IVA:  $2053.82 (1.000 ICO Au)

ICOs in Circulation:  57,826.000


Swipe the image sideways and watch video testimonies from people just like you who have chosen to “CoVest” in your communities.

Let Your Mind Grow & Cash Flow!

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